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Lush Easter Treats

With it being Easter next week I thought I would share some of the cute products from the Easter range at Lush, as usual they haven’t disappointed me.

As usual Lush have put together a couple of pre made gift sets which you could give as a present or just for a little treat for yourself, there is ‘Good Egg’ which is £26.95 and contains 6 Eggcellent products (See what I done there). There is also three other gift sets which contain 4 products, they are ‘Carrot’ £19.95, ‘Bouncy Bunny’ £18.95 and lastly ‘Funky Bunny’ £14.95. All of these gift sets are worth every penny and really will make perfect gifts.

There are a couple of products from the Easter range that I really wish Lush would stock all year round as I really love them! The first thing I would really like to stay all year is the ‘Bunch of Carrots’ I think these are really great value for money as these are reusable and they are very uplifting and cleansing which is something I always look for in a bath product. 

My second favourite has to be ‘Humpty Dumpty’ I really enjoy using this one as I think it’s really fun. It’s blended with Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil, which is rejuvenating and uplifting. Another bomb that is rejuvenating and uplifting is ‘Which Came First’ I like that this bomb has a sweet and citrusy smell to it which I enjoy when I just want to sit back and relax. I really am a fan off all the new bombs and bars at the moment, there are so many different ones that are super cute and smell delicious. 

Have you tried any of the Easter Lush products? What’s your favourite?

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  1. These are so cute!! Lovely post :)



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