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Makeup Revolutions

When I saw this highlighting palette from Makeup Revolutions I was very intrigued and had to try it, it reminded me a lot of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder but just for a faction of the price at £8.00.

This palette comes with three highlighters, all with different finishes and shades, which makes it suitable for all skin tones. The first highlight is called ‘Breathe’ it reminds me a bit of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Glow it is a very soft powder with no shimmer which is great for everyday use and is my favourite out of the three highlighters. The second shade is ‘Exhale’ this is a slightly shimmery highlight, one that I would wear on an evening out but make sure to apply with a light hand otherwise you can end up looking like a glitter ball. And the final highlight in the palette is called ‘Glow’ this would suit more warmer skin tones or in the summer months paired with a bronzer.  These Radiant Lights Powders can be purchased individually for £5.00 so if one particularly takes your fancy at least you repurchase it without having to get the whole palette.

The packaging is what you expect for £8.00, however it is a sturdy palette and comes with a very generous size mirror. It's pretty much the same style as there other palettes.

I cannot get over how amazing these radiant lighting powders are, they very light and smooth to apply and because they are finely milled they appear very natural on the skin. 

Makeup Revolutions Highlighter Palatte Radiance £8.00 via Superdrug - Link


  1. love that there is a mirror x

  2. These look and sound so lovely!! - Especially the bronze one :)
    Kathy xx

  3. This is great! Ive been wanting the hourglass palette but think i will check out this dupe first! nice find!


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