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TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume

Recently TRESemme released their new hair system, which challenges us to break our usual routine and try hair care in a new way. What TRESemme have done with their new hair care line is they have switched it around, first you condition and then you shampoo. When I saw this advertised for the first I immediately decided that I needed to try it, as the concept make sense, conditioner always weighs my fine hair down resulting in volume-less hair so by having a reverse hair care routine makes a lot of sense as you wash out the weighty conditioner and I find that it helps to stop my hair becoming as greasy.

I have used this conditioner and shampoo several times now and I have been getting on great with them. Starting off with the conditioner, I still like to leave this sitting in my hair for a couple of minutes as I feel like its needs that time to soak and then I wash off like usual. This conditioner is really smooth and does instantly make my hair feel soft and silky.

Then for the shampoo, this was where my main concern was as I was worried that this would dry out my hair and then I wouldn’t have the conditioner to smooth it out afterwards but actually this shampoo didn’t strip or dry my hair out. I think the reason why this didn’t having a drying effect is because this shampoo has a creaminess texture, which actually feels quite conditioning.

I am thrilled with this hair care line and will definitely continue to use it. One thing I have struggled with my hair since letting it grow out has been volume. I didn’t know getting my hair to such a healthy place would make it so challenging to add volume to, but this hair care line promises to give more volume without making it feel dry or stiff, and that’s exactly what it does.

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