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Dragon's Blood From Nip + Fab

I have been using Nip + Fab products for years, the packaging always lures me in and the products always work, I had never tried anything from the Dragon’s Blood Fix Range though, until now. The Dragon’s Blood Fix Range was inspired by the best-selling Rodial Dragon’s Blood range and is designed to help achieve plumper, smoother and more youthful skin. Now clearly there is not actual ‘Dragon’s Blood’ in these products, it is actually made from the resin of the Croton Lechleri Tree (also knows as the ‘Dragon' Tree). The Dragon’s Blood Fix range consists of three products, which can be bought individually or as a trio, I have only purchased two of the products though so I will just be mentioning these today.

When I first looked at this range from Nip + Fab I decided straight away that I needed to get the Plumping Mask. It is described as an intensely hydrating gel mask combining skin-perfecting complexes to plump the look of wrinkles and refine the skins appearance for a brighter more youthful complexion, now who wouldn’t want to try that? It is recommended that you apply a thick layer to the skin for ten minutes an then rinse or you can use it as an intense treatment by leaving it on overnight and then rinsing it off in the morning. I prefer to just use it as a mask as I find that it’s quite sticky so not sure how I feel about using it as an overnight treatment, I’d rather not have everything stick to me but honestly even after ten minutes, it leaves my skin feeling amazing and looking plump and radiant and I love that it gives such noticeable, instant results.

The second product I purchased from the Dragon’s Blood Fix range was the Cleansing Pads, they are designed to refresh and smooth the skin I thought that was such a handy simple products, which are easy to carry around with you. The pot contains 60 textured, circular pad that are enriched with Salicylic and Hyaluronic Acids which work to deeply cleanse your pores and provide long lasting hydration, which in effect helps the skin, appear plumper. They also contain Witch Hazel, which helps to reduce the appearance of imperfections and tightens pores, which is something that I like to have in a face product. I have been blown away with these pads, when I used these for the first time I had a couple of blemishes and the next day my blemishes had dramatically reduced and now after a couple of uses my skin is completely clear. My skin is also left instantly feeling plump, hydrated and smooth which is great considering they are so effective at targeting blemishes, I did start of just using these at night but I have just started using them in the mornings as well to refresh my skin and to prepare for my makeup as I have noticed that my makeup applies much nicer after I have used one of these pads.

As I mentioned there is three products in this range, the third product is a serum which I decided not to purchase as I don’t really use serums very often, but if these mask and cleansing pads are anything to go by, then I’m sure the serum which be great! I will certainly be repurchasing both of these products as they really make such a huge difference to my skin; you have to love a product that you see noticeable results with don’t you?

Dragon's Blood Fix Pads £9.95 via Nip & Fab - Link
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask £9.95 via Nip & Fab - Link

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  1. I've never used anything from Dragon's Blood. Love the honest review, after reading this I really want to try this range!

    Anika |


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