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This is one of those super-random blog posts that I figured might be fun and also spark some great comments from you guys since I always love learning more about you and I thought it's a great way for your guys to learn some things about me you might not already know. 

1) I'm a massive cocktail enthusiast, I don't mind what it's got in it, I will give it a try.

2) Doctors have said I have slight aspects of  Hypermobility syndrome as I can put my legs behind my head and bend my thumbs back to my wrists. 

3) I'm only 5'2 and I swear I'm getting shorter. 

4) People always think that I'm shy when in reality I just prefer to keep quiet until I get to know you properly... And then you'll wonder why on earth you ever thought I was shy. 

5) I am the biggest clean freak you will meet, it makes angry when things aren't clean to my standard. 

6) I already know exactly how I would like my wedding to be and I'm not even in a relationship, sad or what. 

7) I suffer from Intracranial Hypertension, this is basically high pressure within the spaces that surround the brain and spinal cord. It means that I have to see a neurologist regularly and have MRI's and lumbar punctures to keep a check on it. 

8) I moved out from my parents house when I was 20 but then moved back home when I was 22, the struggle was real. 

9) I have an extremely good hearing and sense of smell, I think this is because I am so blind my other senses are making up for it. This isn't always a good thing though, I constantly get moaned at for saying the TV is to loud and what is that smell. 

10) I’m slightly OCD about the way my bed is made and how the cushions are arranged, it just gives me a much-needed sense of order and control. 

11) I used to hate needles, blood tests, injections where a no go, but now I have had to have so many I've gotten used to them and don't really mind them. 

12) I can't stand the sound of people chewing, literally to the point where I just want to scream at them. 

13) The first time I went to Disney, I was so excited about meeting all the Disney characters that I begged my parents to buy me one of those autograph books. Unfortunately, I was to shy to approach any of them so I made my dad go get them. 

14) When I was 1 I fell and hit my face on a radiator and knocked my front tooth out, I didn't have a tooth for 9 years and when it finally grew back, it grew back bruised so I now have a vaneer. 

15) I'm dreading turning 25. I am going to be 24 this year but the thought of reaching 25 actually scares me somewhat, makes me feel like I need to start sorting my life out and settling down. 

I would love to know some facts about you so please please leave a comment with them below.


  1. Girl I feel you on the getting shorter thing. The last time I personally measured myself I was 5 foot 1 inch tall and then when I went to get my id card and got measured they told me I was 4 foot 11 inches. How is that possible???
    Chanté|The Enchantéd Blog

    1. I know right?! This always happens to me at the doctors I'm always sorter than I last was? I can't get any shorter right? :)

  2. People chewing loudly is the worst! My sister does it all the time, and I honestly wonder why I haven't killed her for it, haha! I love posts like these, and reading them always puts a smile on my face. I did a post like this a while back that I'll link below. Loving your blog and writing style!! xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Follow me at via BLOGLOVIN

    1. Isn't it awful? the amount of times I've moaned at my dad for it is unreal haha. Thank you for you sweet comments, means a lot! and I'll check your blog out now xx


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