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I'd say that every girl deserves a night dedicated to nothing but relaxation and when better, than after a hectic week and lets be honest us girls never feel are best when we have chipped nails and dry skin. So with Saturday now finally here crack open a bottle of Prosecco, light a couple of candles and run yourself a bubbly bath.   

De Stress
The best way to start any pamper night is to run a steaming hot bubble bath, using lots of your favourite bath oil. I’m not going to lie, I go overboard with bath oil but I just feel like it makes for a more luxurious and cosy bath. I also like to light a few candles and then just sit back and relax.

Scrubbed and Conditioned
There is nothing I hate more than dry skin and hair and recently for some unknown reason my skin has been feeling so dry, so the first thing I like to do when having a pamper night is use my Clarins exfoliator, making sure to pay close attention to any dry patches and apply my favourite face mask, which happens to also be from Clarins, it’s the Pure and Radiant mask. This mask restores and clears my skin while making it silky soft. While your doing all of this you can have your hair up in a clip on top of your head to keep out of water with a deep conditioning hair mask on taming those unruly split ends.

Prepped and Primed
Once I have finally faced defeat by the wrinkly hands and decided to get out of the bath I moisturise with my favourite body lotion, which happens to be Johnsons natural baby cream, it makes my skin super baby soft. Every now and then I will apply a gradual tan such as St. Tropez Gradual Tan just to give my skin a more natural, healthy glow.

Finishing Touches
I like to now get cosied up on the sofa in my favourite dressing grown with a bar of chocolate and a hot coco, catching on my favourite TV series. This is when I like to paint my toes and my nails (if I’ve not had them done at the salon) and then apply a ton of thick body butter to my feet and put on some socks so my feet can be silky soft as there is noting I like more.

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