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Nearly four months ago I decided I needed to change my hair, I’ve always wanted to go blonde but being that I am such a dark brunette I have always been told that it wouldn’t suit me and wouldn’t look right. So after looking at thousands of picture I decided on a balayage, my natural hair colour on top and different tones of blonde going throughout and I absolutely love it.   

What people don’t realise is that when you have your hair bleached you need to carry on with the upkeep, otherwise you’ll find your blonde turning very brassy quick and I didn’t realise how quick until I first had my hair done. Even now if I don’t use my Cool Blonde shampoo for a couple of days I start to notice a huge difference in the colour of my hair. Luckily for me, my hairdresser sells these Cool Blonde kits, which I knew worked as she had used them on my hair previously.  

Anti-yellowing and neutralizing color pigments work to restore the brightness of natural and processed blonde, grey or white hair, while also nourishing the hair with its low pH formula. The kit contains three different products, a purple shampoo, conditioner and illuminator. 

Cool Blonde by Affinage

Shampoo: The directions say to towel dry your hair before applying, I personally don’t towel dry my hair I just make sure its not soaking. I apply the shampoo to the blonde ends and then work my way up into the balayage to make sure I have every blonde strand, I then leave this on for a couple of minutes while I carry on with my usual routine.

Conditioner: You apply this conditioner as you would any other conditioner, from the mid lengths of your hair, all the way down to the bottom. This can be washed out straight away and will leave your hair feeling soft and silky smooth or you can leave it on for a couple of minutes to add a bit more moisture. 

Cool Blonde by Affinage

Illuminator: This product is used as a mask, used once a week or even every other week depending on your desired colour. You apply this onto the blonde parts of your hair, which would then work to neutralise any unwanted yellow tones and brighten your blonde. I towel dried my hair before applying and then left it on for a generous 30 minutes. 

I have found that since using these products my blonde has lightened and my balayage looks a lot brighter. This Cool Blonde kit leaves your locks soft, supple and illuminated and it really does help to banish brassiness and refresh bright blonde tones without leaving your hair dry and coarse like some toning products can. 

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