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So research has proven that people who wake up earlier tend to be more proactive throughout the day and feel more optimistic than those who sleep late and you know what I believe its true. I always used to end up going to bed late, getting distracted by social media and TV but I decided to make a pact with myself that on week nights I would make sure all electronic are turned off by 10, and you know what since I have been doing this I have noticed a difference attitude. Here are my tips for becoming a morning person:

Establish a nighttime routine
If I have had a particularly stressful day I like to take a long hot bath with a cup of Peppermint tea and then get into my favourite cosy pajamas as this starts to calms me and gets my body ready for bed. Pampering yourself before bed will quiet your mind and help you sleep better, and if you make it into a habit, you'll train your body to recognise the signals that it's time for bed.

Turn off the electronics
In order to go to bed/sleep earlier you have to cut out the things that make you stay up late. As mentioned almost every night you would have found me laying in bed scrolling through Instagram and twitter which was filling my brain with all these ideas making it nearly impossible to fall asleep but since I have been cutting out technology at least 20 minutes before bed I have noticed such a difference in not just my sleep but how I feel the next day.

Keep a notepad nearby
If you are someone that gets random thoughts pop through your head as your trying to sleep, keeping a notepad next to your bed is handy as when an idea pops into your head you can just write it down giving you the peace of mind that you wont forget to do it in the morning.

Pick a wakeup time
If you find it hard waking up at a set time you are best to gradually work towards that goal by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day. Waking up earlier gradually is the way to go, because you can train your body.

Establish a morning routine
Just like a bedtime routine makes it easier to fall asleep, the same rule applies to waking up. Have a set schedule that you do for the first 15 minutes every morning, so that your mind doesn't have to think as it begins to wake up.

Have a productive day
If you usually stay up late working, find a way to complete these tasks during the day as then you wont find yourself working late into the night so your body can start to distinguish between day and night and when it should start shutting down for the evening.


  1. I am so so so bad for letting myself spend countless hours up late, just watching youtube videos I can't even remember were about. 12 pm every night, then waking up at 7 was not good, haha! I love your tips as they are similar to the ones in my post that I'll have below. I would totally consider myself a morning person, feeling good and energized at dawn, but at the same time I'm the kind of girl who sleeps in 'till 10am. xx

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    1. I used to be exactly the same, the hours would just fly by and the next thing I know its 1am and I'm looking at things online but now I've set myself a time where I have to be off I am finding the I am sleeping so much better xx

  2. I used to be a morning person but since I've come back from America I have been waking up later, taking pointless naps and I've just felt so unproductive as we as unwell. I even had to call in sick to work the other day purely because I feel mentally and physically drained. I need to get back in to my morning routine and this post has definitely given me a few ideas on what I should do. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon as well as having a little more energy throughout the day! :) xx


    1. I feel that there is nothing worse than waking up tired and groggy, I end up having such unproductive days. I defiantly feel better in myself now I've started to get into more of a routine!I I hope you get better soon! :) xx


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